A 9/11 Responder Copes

in the Aftermath

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The film follows Vito Friscia, a 9/11 responder and NYPD homicide detective, as he copes in the aftermath

with the support of loved ones and colleagues. Through this intimate portrait of an everyday hero, we find

a powerful renewal of the human spirit, and insight into the lives of thousands of responders who are

paying an emotional and physical price for their bravery.

Lisa's Poem

"Signs of Courage" - This video clip is part of the epilogue of the film. Vito's daughter, Lisa, who was about 10 years old at the time, wrote this moving poem about her father, which won an award in the PTA Reflections program at her school.

About The Film

DVD / NTSC Stereo Running time: 49 minutes

© 2006 Vito After, LLC

A DreamSlate Production

On September 11th 2001, NYPD Homicide Detective Vito Friscia was on his way to join the rescue efforts and was less than two blocks away when the second tower collapsed. He was engulfed in the treacherous cloud that followed. In the chaotic aftermath, he helped thousands leave the city.


Vito was one of 7,000 NYPD detectives who were the last to go through the debris, searching for signs of loved ones in the hopes of bringing closure to victims' families. Their intense work exposed them for many months to toxic substances in the rubble and dust.


The film follows Friscia for two years, beginning April 2002, interweaving interviews, recollections and verite scenes as he deals with emotional trauma and health issues in the aftermath. It shows him with family, friends and at a poignant gathering with his detective brothers, where the men cope with the horrific tragedy by recalling their experiences while masking their pain with humor.


Vito’s family attempts to convince him to seek medical assistance. The film follows him as he gets evaluated and finds out why he can't get back to normal. Even with his health compromised and the possibility of serious disease in the future, Vito has no regrets.


There were over 40,000 workers and volunteers who participated in the WTC rescue and recovery efforts. Thousands remain ill and suffering today and hundreds have died, as a result of their heroic rescue and recovery efforts.


The film explores the consequences of their heroism through Vito’s experience. It deals with the emotional, physical and spiritual after effects of 9/11 on a detective who was just doing his job, and would do it all again, without hesitation.


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VITO AFTER was in production from April 2002 to July 2004. The film was an official selection at numerous film festivals from 2005 through 2010, received the Best Documentary Award in 2006 at the Long Island International Film Expo, and has won the praises of audiences and critics alike. In 2010, VITO AFTER was selected to be part of a collection of 9/11 films in the library of the USS New York—the battleship forged with steel from the World Trade Center.

Production Staff

 Vito After  

DreamSlate Productions


Director/Producer - Maria Pusateri

Executive Producers - Maria Pusateri, Michael Citriniti

Editor - Daniel Baer

Directors of Photography - Srael Boruchin, Sean McGinn

Sound Recordist - Chris Ward

Music Supervisor - Scott Healy

Original Score - Scott Healy, Mike Worth

Featuring Music by Mark Geary, Guy Klucevsek

2nd Unit DPs - Ezra Bookstein, Jason D'Aversa, Greg Messina, Kat Patterson

Production Consultants -  Judith Helfand, Liz Foley, Fernanda Rossi